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Andrews University Sketch Tour with Berman Design

Lunch Break: Tacos!

This spring Berman Design held a sketching tour with some students from Andrews University’s School of Architecture and Interior Design. We had a tour of the office and got a chance to see the different projects the firm is designing. It was a fun day walking around Chicago and sketching beautiful buildings. The sketching tour provides a unique skill set that you can't find at other offices, architectural sketching has become outdated now that we have CAD programs to create plans.

At Andrews University a huge part of the curriculum focuses on hand drafting and sketching rather than only relying on Revit or other CAD programs to design. This is where we share similarities to Berman Design. Joel and Berman Design also use sketching in the design process and students from the school fit in easily at his firm.

Berman Design also offers summer internships and full time employment opportunities for Andrews University students. I am currently a summer intern at Berman Design and I've been here for about a month and I've learned so much. Something else that I love about this firm is its size, Joel has a smaller firm where his interns are involved in a little bit of everything, from architectural design to company branding. Right now I am learning a lot about restaurant and kitchen design and my second day here I was already involved in a client meeting. I recommend working here if you would like to have a lot of variety, responsibility, and real world experience.

End of a Good Day

Tiny Thumbnail Sketches

Justin, Always Sitting in the Gutter

Morgan Focused on Sketching

Group Discussing Sketch Techniques


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