We use freehand sketching and digital imaging to rapidly communicate graphic design solutions.


BERMAN DESIGN creates the physical store template for your franchise system or chain. We help you define the narrative of your business and concept the environment. From finishes to furnishings and equipment, we create prototypical design standards that enforce the aesthetics and operations of your business. We help each client establish the physical standards of the business to ensure brand consistency.


Our team begins each project with rapid concept sketching to quickly ideate design options and solutions. From there, we translate the sketches to a 3D model complete with finishes, lighting, furniture and equipment. We then produce realistic renderings to best communicate ambience and experiential design. The final deliverable is a construction template unique to each brand, with standard equipment and finishes to ensure cohesive brand representation across each franchise location. View our Franchise Prototype Design Templates here.








We are licensed architects with deep focus on hospitality, adaptive reuse, recording studio, and residential design. Using freehand perspective sketching as a design tool, we execute the design, construction, and permit drawings with expert technical knowledge. We work closely with building engineers and contractors to provide practical designs with value. Projects include restaurants, bars, commercial kitchens, breweries, food production, adaptive reuse of historic structures, wellness centers, and recording studios.


How do you want customers to feel when they enter your establishment? We design interiors that tell the story of your business. Our team collaborates with you to curate the right lighting, finishes, furnishings and graphics to elevate your brand.


Great branding creates a unique experience with distinct character. We enhance your identity through branding collateral, including brand standards (logo, font, and colors), murals, website, stationary and business cards, menu boards. Our goal is to provide a seamless brand expression to your customers.



Berman Design has deep experience working recipients of Chicago and Evanston matching construction fund grants. Matching fund programs include (SBIF), THRIVE-SBIF, and Neighborhood Opportunity Fund (NOF) matching construction fund grants. We coordinate with the Cities of Chicago and Evanston and bring licensed contractors to prepare bids so you can meet your commitments for the matching construction fund grants.


Berman Design can help you get many Chicago construction permits faster. The firm's principal is a Chicago Self-Certified Architect - Chicago has pre-qualified Joel Berman as a select licensed professional who can certify that your project meets the local building code, eliminating the lengthy traditional process of permit review. For many projects -- including build outs of stores, restaurants, and offices in existing buildings, we can submit the permit application over the internet and obtain the construction permit quickly. Please contact us to see if your construction project qualifies for a Chicago Self-Certified permit application.

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