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Tree House Humane Society Cat Cafe Grand Opening

On Friday, May 3rd, the Humane Society held a grand opening for the new cat cafe dubbed Tree House Cat Cafe at 7225 N. Western Avenue. Located in Chicago's West Ridge neighborhood, the cafe is the city's first cat cafe within a shelter.

For $10, each visitor receives a cafe drink and a 30-minute time slot in the cat room. The organization caters to felines afflicted by Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV); otherwise healthy cats who are more prone to health complications over time. Because many affected cats are often euthanized upon admission into other shelters, the Tree House Cat Cafe has set out to eradicate the stigma associated with FeLV and provide cats with a second chance at a forever home.

Berman Design provided architectural and interior design services to create a comfortable and inviting space for visitors, employees and four-legged inhabitants alike. The fully-functioning cafe is stocked with pastries, treats, coffee and tea. The cat room is furnished with tables, chairs and floor seating, as well as plenty of feline-friendly furniture to perch upon.

More project detail on Berman Design Tree House.

More information about Tree House Human Society.


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